Animal shelters

I refer to the Agriculture Minister’s “Animal shelter plans” (25/11).

Well and good, but when we last checked, the ministry is still short of qualified veterinarians and does not have proper veterinary clinics in almost all our main towns and cities around the country, let alone the Ministry of Agriculture and municipal councils managing and enforcing the Dog Act, which is near non-existent.

I believe there are few non-profit organisations with their own veterinarians, along with private individuals that have been working tirelessly for years in animal care and with stray animals, doing a lot of this work while struggling on donations with little to no assistance from government.

Has the Agriculture Minister included these folks in your plans, for their input and experience?

Yet here we go with all this talk about setting up pounds for the care of sick animals and the rehabilitation of strays, horses, cats and dogs.

I believe the concern for Agriculture Minister is in the details. How?

Let’s hope the stray dog pound at the Vunato dump in Lautoka is no example of how these proposed animal shelters will be run.

The concern is for the animals.

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