Animal piece

Some weeks back the Indian Government passed a law to ban cow slaughter.

I feel this was a sensible thing to do. The cow is a motherly figure and is to be respected by one and all anywhere. What happens when a mother is unable to supply sufficient milk to her baby? The cow comes in to provide and let’s the baby survive. What more charity do we want? Then the cow is the means for a person to become wealthy and prosperous. Just look at all the products it supplies: milk, butter, cream, yoghurt, various kinds of cheese, ghee, paneer, etc., — all nutritious products for the good health of any person.

For all the good that the cow does, what happens eventually? It is put to the knife. Does this make sense?

I believe any killing is wrong no matter what is killed, as the wise have said and all the various scriptures of all religions confirm.

It seems a law to ban the killing is due here also if we are to be truly human and humanity is the real religion.

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