Animal hospital, shelter work begins

A NEW charitable organisation in Nadi has taken the welfare of animal health care to another level by establishing a hospital for pets.

The Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (PASH) has begun construction of the shelter and hospital in Legalega, Nadi.

PASH director Marie Teyman said the 26-room facility, which was under construction on an eight-acre site, would complete by 2018.

“A group of us, about three years ago, took it upon ourselves to review the animal health welfare in Fiji,” she said.

“The one big item that we came up with was there needed to be a facility built in the country that was capable of making a large scale change in animal welfare.

“We have a lot of respect for the two smaller clinics which are Animals Fiji and SPCA but the physical limitations are there because of the structural setup.

“We sort of reviewed a lot of things about animal legislation and what we came up with was building Fiji’s first modern well-equipped facility.”

Ms Teyman said a generous donor from the United States enabled the purchase of the eight-acre land and the construction of the hospital.

However, the group would depend on community involvement and fundraisers to equip the facility.

“That donation provided for the purchase of the land and the actual construction of the facility,” said Ms Teyman.

“It does not provide for anything beyond that.

“The project is primarily for companion animals like dogs and cats but we are very committed to dealing with the stray animals issue and helping Government in improving animal welfare legislation.

“We want it to be an open shop so that everybody is comfortable coming there to seek help for their pet.”

“The cost of equipping the building from computer and desks to medical equipment will all be done through the charity.

“I know a lot times in Fiji people say they are going to do things. So we wanted to be able to go to people and bring them into our organisation and say that we are here physically.

“We are very committed to education and getting into schools. We also want to do community projects and events to basically have a large impact on improving animal welfare.

“We want people to be aware that this facility is not about your money. It is literally about the welfare of the animal and service for those people who care about the animal and their owners.”

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