An important water reminder

SOMETIMES we need a reality check to get a grip on life and the important factors that help sustain it.

As the Commissioner Western’s office started carting water to villages and schools in the maritime areas with 300,000 litres already shipped to assist seven schools in the Yasawa Group, we are reminded about why water is important.

As our report on Page 1 states, a second vessel carrying 140,000ltrs of water will leave this morning for the Mamanuca Group to assist the people of Yanuya Village, Yanuya District School and Mamanuca Primary School.

The prolonged dry weather has affected thousands of people in rural areas of Western and Northern Fiji as well as the outer islands. About $200,000 has been set aside by the Commissioner Western’s office for the delivery of water to affected areas.

The agriculture sector is already feeling the effects of the dry weather, with the Fiji Sugar Corporation executive chairman saying the adverse conditions would affect crop volume and cane production this year.

Principal agriculture officer West Vinesh Kumar said the minimal rain experienced over in the West a few weeks ago provided some relief but there were still areas in the division without water.

And to top things off, the Commissioner Western’s office continues to receive requests for water from the outer islands as well as villages on the mainland.

The office yesterday distributed water to villages between the Nadi and Sigatoka corridor.

Let’s accept the fact that for some of us, we do live in an area that is prone to droughts.

Perhaps we should remind ourselves that this isn’t a recent turn of events. For anyone who has lived in parts of the Western and Northern divisions for a reasonable length of time, it isn’t a brand new issue.

Clearly sometimes we are bound to forget that, much like how we forget that we do have an annual cyclone season.

Instead, we’re lured into a mind-set that is complacent to say the least and we shrug aside common sense to some extent.

That must change and such a vital part of our lives must be prioritised.

There should be no question about the need to urgently address the issue of water usage and why we must learn to conserve it.

It’s too precious a resource to waste.

But water conservation isn’t just about following rules, be they written or unwritten ones.

It’s about changing our mind-set and our way of life revolving around water consumption and usage.

It is about making a difference and placing water on the highest pedestal in our lives.

Let’s use this scenario as a sobering reminder about why water is essential, and why it must be used wisely.

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