An app that makes it easy

FIRST time introduced app based passbook in Fiji, it’s a very unique product in Fiji, and none of the other Banks are offering this product in Fiji. The transactions will be updated on Real-Time.

This facility is offered to our customers in India since March 2015 and running successfully. Customers have to just down-load the app (BoB Fiji mPassbook) from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Our bank introduced this facility in other five other countries along with Fiji on the eve of our Bank’s 110th Foundation Day.

Below are some of the key features of the facility:

How to register:

* Download the App from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)

* Enter your mobile number and submit

* Enter the OTP received on your mobile

* Set your four digit PIN

* Start using mPassbook


* View balances of all your accounts Real-Time

* View transactions up to 12 months

* Download your statement just touch of a button

Customers will be charged one time SMS cost (0.14 cents and 0.18 cents) for registering depending on your mobile operator.

To avail this facility customers need to update their mobile number if not done earlier at their base branch for successful registration and login.

Customers have to use the same mobile in which the registered mobile number SIM is inserted, since the facility is device binding.

Bank of Baroda is not charging any fees to avail this product except the one time SMS charge mentioned as above. Bank is not going to deduct any charges from their accounts for availing this facility.

The transactions updated on Real-Time and there are no charges and fees on this also.

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