An ‘age-old problem’

A CANEFARMER at Wailevu Tiri in Labasa says the Water Authority of Fiji has no respect for human life following the authority’s response that it will only consider pleas of farmers who resided in the area.

Earlier, Wailevu Tiri farmer Jagdish Chand highlighted his concerns on the lack of cleandrinking water in the Wailevu Tiri area.

Mr Chand said they had to cart water to labourers for six to eight kilometres daily for their daily use.

He said this had been an age-old problem and they were tired of raising their concerns with the Government.

Yesterday, while responding to Mr Chand’s concerns, a statement from the WAF said Wailevu Tiri was a flat farming land with only sugarcane fields.

The statement said farmers did not have their houses in the area but t in places outside the Wailevu Tiri area therefore, there was no need for piped water in the area.

“This issue was brought to the Prime Minister during a recent talanoa session and it was explained to them that unless they reside with their families on these farms, then only will we look into their request,” the statement said.

Mr Chand said with the statement, WAF had clearly limited its service to farmers only without thinking of the hard working labourers who resided on those farms. “I fear for our labourers because they will now be denied their human right of access to clean drinking water and I wonder whether being a farmer makes one more human than the other,” he said.

“This response makes a mockery of the rights of individuals as written in the Constitution.”

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