An ‘act of kindness’

Students of Burebasaga District School with their gift. Picture: ATU RASEA

ONE hundred and thirty three students of Burebasaga District School in Rewa now have access to new laptop computers which were given to the school last week.

Students now have the chance to learn computer skills and be computer literate like many other students in Fiji who were offered free information technology learning through the telecentres.

The computers were given to the school from Camden Haven High School in Australia.

School head girl Vasemaca Kanasalusalu said she was happy that their school now had new laptop computers.

“Now my schoolmates and I can enjoy learning how to use computers from our teachers and how to research for certain projects we get at school,” she said.

“We thank those who have donated the laptops for helping us learn more about technology.”

School headteacher Luisa Vueti said it was a special day for the students and teachers at Burebasaga and the community because it would be the first time the school received new computers for students to use.

“We thank those who have helped us with our school library upgrade and also the computer donation,” she said.

“We thank Mr Brett Bradney from Camden Haven High School for his act of kindness, to the Ministry of Education for their support, to the school committee for their co-operation and endless support and the man working behind the scenes to make this all possible for the student, Mr Ananai Tagicaki.”

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