American movie include Fijians as cast and crew

Update: 11:24PM SEVERAL local Fijians are being groomed into the art of filmmaking with their inclusion as cast and crew of the American adventure drama film ‘The Other Side of Heaven 2’.

The sequel, which is being shot in Fiji, is a continuation of the movie ‘The Other Side of Heaven’, released in 2001, which tells the story of a Mormon missionary Elder John Groberg’s mission to the islands of Tonga and Fiji in the 1950s.

According to film producer Steven Lee, about a third of the production crew were locals while others were in several supporting acting roles. 

This includes several areas of the movie production such as location management, logistics, and medical support.

“Some of them are involved at the very lower end but it’s a great place to learn,” Mr Lee said. 

“It becomes a win-win situation because it helps and I hope to come back here and do more movies that help prepare these crew members so that they can a build a solid base.”

The film shooting is in the middle of its second week, which is scheduled to last for a total of seven weeks.

Other locations of the film will include Lami, a hospital scene, a winter scene at Suva Grammar School and a later scene in Natadola with only one scene being shot outside of Fiji. 

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