Ambulances to transfer patients

THE Ministry of Health received 18 ambulances which will only be used to transfer patients from one health facility to another and not to pick up patients from their homes.

While handing over the ambulances to the drivers from the 18 selected subdivisional hospitals and health centres on Monday, Health Minister Rosy Akbar warned the drivers to take good care of the ambulances as it was an essential part of service in the health industry.

“Today (Monday) is a blessed, momentous and a very happy occasion for us. Despite the challenges in the weather patterns, I feel that this has given us a reason to celebrate,” Ms Akbar said.

“I’ve been told that all the drivers who will be handed the keys to these vehicles have undergone extensive training and instructions have been given as to how you will use these vehicles to perform your duties very efficiently and professionally to minimise mishaps.”

The ambulances given by the Chinese Government to the Ministry of Health are part of the 30 ambulances which were earlier received by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Ms Akbar said it saddened the ministry as well as Government when there were cases of road incidents whereby ambulances were involved, and it was not because there was a shortage of ambulances but because the vehicle was not being driven in a safe manner.

“You need to be responsible for your safety as drivers, the safety of the accompanying medical staff that goes in the ambulance and, of course, you must be responsible for the safety of the patient that must be transported safely from one facility to another,” she said.

“We will not tolerate negligence on your part.”

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