Ambassador Seam hosts New Caledonia students

Students from New Caledonia were hosted by the French Ambassador to Fiji Sujiro Seam at his residence this morning. Picture: JONA KONATACI

THE Ambassador of France to Fiji Sujiro Seam today hosted students from the Lycée agricole et général Michel Rocard, a high school from New Caledonia.

Mr Seam said this was the first time this exchange had occurred with International School in Suva.

“It is the first time this exchange is organised with the international school of Suva so it started with the visit of 16 students from the ISS to New Caledonia, which you know is a French territory of the Pacific,” Mr Seam said.

“So mostly, the students who learn French from ISS took the trip to New Caledonia and it was really a cultural and linguistic exchange so they stayed with the families with the students from New Caledonia so this is the return trip.”

Students from Lycée agricole et général Michel Rocard Alysone Houdie, Anna Moglia and Elanie Ariihohoa, said the two-week trip had been enjoyable.

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