Allowance increased

THE Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation has increased their care and protection allowance from $60 to $100 a child monthly to ensure children raised in residential homes are given quality care. Minister Rosy Akbar said since children in those homes were under State care, the government had a responsibility to ensure their safety and protection at all times.

In an interview, Dilkusha Home sister-in-charge Deaconess Leba Laveti raised concerns that monthly allowances for these children were not enough to cater for their needs, especially for academic purposes.

She said apart from the children’s needs at the home, there were other requirements from schools which needed to be attended to. These were requirements such as school field trips, which may require a lot of money, and staff members sometimes faced difficulties in trying to meet the demands from schools to help those children.

Ms Akbar said the ministry had already taken a step forward in terms of ensuring children in residential homes were given quality care.

“Through Cabinet approval, the monthly allowance allocation per child as of last year has increased from $60 to $100. Apart from the monthly allowances, the ministry also provides funding to residential homes through its budget allocation to the grant to non-government organisations,” she said.

“Government also, through the department, assist in the implementation of these standards by providing funding as requested by the homes.”

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