Alleged knife-wielding man in custody; Police and victim flee Police Post

Woman Special Constable Julie Tuikenawa shows the damage at the Delainavesi Community Post. Picture: SUPPLIED

A DRUNKEN knife-wielding man ravaged the Delainavesi Community Post this morning as he chased after his partner who fled to the police post for help after a confrontation at their home.

And a Police officer who was on duty at the post also had to flee after assisting the distressed woman escape into a nearby mangrove swamp.

Woman Special Constable Julie Tuikenawa described the attack as one of the most terrifying experiences in her policing career.

She said her immediate concern was to ensure the woman was placed in a safe room because the suspect had allegedly pursued her after a confrontation at their home.

While doing so, she allegedly heard the sound of an object hitting the railings, which was when she saw the suspect wielding a cane knife and smashing the railings of the post.

The Delainavesi Community Post. Picture: ATU RASEA

W/SC Tuikenawa said the suspect was hurling abuse at the officer for allegedly interfering with their personal matters by protecting his partner, and he continued to smash the windows and doors.

The officer said she also jumped out of a window onto a water tank where the suspect was alleged to have swung a knife narrowly missing her leg.

Being unarmed, she said her first instinct was to pick up stones to defend herself against the suspect, however, she feared that she could inflict further harm and she was able to wave down a passing Police vehicle for assistance.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said officers from the Totogo, Lami and all officers nearby arrived at the scene, and with the direction of the Divisional Police Commander South and the suspect’s father, the officers were able to diffuse the situation.

She confirmed no one was injured but the Delainavesi Community Post sustained extensive damage.

W/SC Tuikenawa said such was the life of a police officer that your first instinct was to protect life and during the attack, she was focused on protecting the suspect’s partner because she had sought help from her.

The suspect was allegedly drunk at the time of the incident and was now in custody at the Lami Police Station as investigations continue.

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