Alleged harassment of bus driver concerns association

THE Fiji Bus Operators Association (FBOA) has expressed serious concerns after the alleged harassment of a bus driver in a video circulating on social media.

FBOA general secretary Rohit Latchan confirmed the bus driven by the driver in the video belonged to Island Buses.

“What happened is not a good thing,” Mr Latchan said.

He said people should refrain from such actions to drivers especially when the bus was moving.

“They should know that they cannot manhandle drivers behind a steering wheel because of the safety of the other passengers on board the bus.

“People should realise that these drivers work hard to provide service to the public and people should appreciate them and not to manhandle them like this. This is very unfortunate.”

Mr Latchan said incidents of alleged harassment and assault of bus drivers had been happening for a while and there was a need for these actions to stop.

The association has also pleaded with members of the public to respect bus drivers.

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