Alleged baby abduction

POLICE are seeking information from members of the public regarding a woman who allegedly abducted a newborn from Labasa Hospital on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the woman had allegedly walked out of Labasa Hospital with the baby without the knowledge of the mother.

Ms Naisoro said the incident happened at the hospital’s antenatal ward where the mother and her twin babies were admitted.

“We have managed to gather information that the suspect, a woman, is tall with tan complexion and was wearing a black skirt and grey top with short permed hair,” said Ms Naisoro.

“The woman was carrying a dark blue knapsack when allegedly committing the offence.

“The baby boy belonged to a 33-year-old who gave birth to twins on Sunday.

“Upon information received, the stolen baby was found abandoned at the back of Vatunibale Police barracks, safe.”

Ms Naisoro said police were still trying to ascertain the identity of the suspect as investigations continued.

“We are seeking the assistance of the public to come forward with information regarding the incident,” she said.

When contacted for a comment yesterday, the mother of the baby refused.

However, a patient who was also admitted at the ward and wished to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation said the mother was attending to the twins who were crying at the same time when the mysterious woman offered to console one of them.

The patient said that while the mother was busy feeding one, the woman walked away with the other.

Later, the distraught woman told hospital staff members of the mysterious woman and her missing baby.

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