All those seeds

While we can count the number of seeds in a single fruit, a single seed can produce an endless supply of fruits.

At breakfast, I cut open a pawpaw that had hundreds of seeds.

I also made fresh lemon juice with two meyer lemon and out came 18 seeds.

At lunch, I cut open a small watermelon and out of a few pieces came 33 seeds.

I had a mandarin in the late afternoon and counted 16 seeds.

Every seed will bring forth many fruits. All we need to do is to plant it and ensure it gets enough water and enough food.

For most of us the frustration of having to wait four years before we harvest our first fruits causes us to put on hold planting our fruit trees. I say don’t put the idea on hold.

The next best time is now! Let’s judge each week by the number of seeds we plant.

Our life is the fruit of our own doing and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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