all things grow with love

Grace Reuben grew up loving gardens because her childhood in Labasa revolved around gardening.

The best way she connects to home where-ever she goes is through gardening.

“I always had an interest in gardening since I was child because my parents took a lot of interest in gardening, my father was the first farmer to win the award in Fiji and he was awarded a trip to Bangkok.

“My mother won best flower garden during one of the agriculture shows back in the day, so yes, my parents inspired me into gardening,” said Mrs Reuben

The retired nurse gardened everywhere and anywhere she was stationed as a nurse and after retiring, moved to the Capital City with her husband and at her residence, she has a bright colourful garden.

Mrs Reuben is often found in her flower garden pulling out weeds and cutting down dried up stems or taking out dead leaves from her plants.

“It’s just that gardening calms me down. If you are stressed and you go out to the garden and see the beautiful flowers your mind just relaxes. Well for me gardening is also a stress reliever and even when I worked, I still took out time to attend to my garden,” said Mrs Reuben

“My husband also loves gardening and he has his vegetable garden and we use the vegetables at home when it is ready, we both help each other in the garden,” said Mrs Reuben

Her garden has dahlias, buttercups, orchids, Ixoras, heliconias and many other types of flowers but her favourite is bougainvillea. In her garden she has nine different colours of bougainvillea flowers, some of her bougainvillea plants creep on the house giving it as enchanted look.

“I just love bougainvilleas, you know when you see those variegated leaves and the contrast flowers it just gives me so much happiness. That’s why I have so many different colours growing around the house,” said Mrs Reuben

However Mrs Reuben does not invest much financially in the garden. She makes use of the dead leaves and cut grass that she uses as manure for her flower plants.

She also sees flower gardening as a way of beautifying our nation and so she has planned to start up a small business for the future.

“Yes, I am planning on selling my plants but for affordable prizes because I wish to see our beautiful country be more beautified with flowers, I wish to see every one gardening and helping the environment and if anyone wants cutting I am more than willing to give,” Mrs Reuben concluded with a smile

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