Alicia Vikander: Society’s outlook on women has progressed

Alicia Vikander thinks society’s outlook on women has “really progressed”.

The Tomb Raider star is thrilled to see a change in how society portrays strong females and has praised the uptake of female characters in movies that aren’t just one-dimensional.

She told Yahoo! Movies: “I think that’s really about the times that we’re in and that society has changed. To be honest with me, with Angelina Jolie’s films that meant a lot to me. I hadn’t really seen a lot of female action star leading a film like that up on the screen, sadly that was how rare it was for us growing up … Nowadays, you don’t want one-dimensional female characters, you really want depth and you want to get to know them; you want to be on their journey. I also think that (if) you ask, both young women and men, what they find maybe, aspiring, cool, attractive, even sexy, you would get a very different answer nowadays, which is just cool because it shows we’ve really progressed.”

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old actress previously revealed she wants to make sure her own movie projects involve more women.

She said: “I looked back and I did four films in a row, where I was a lead in all of them, but there wasn’t a single scene where I was with another woman. Which is nuts, really. So I really want to make sure that I always have that in the back of my mind (when I am producing projects) … I started making films in English seven years ago and I think even now there are a lot more options out there.”

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