Algae at Nadi dam ‘removed’

THE algae outbreak at the Vaturu Dam in Nadi, which affected supply to 12,000 households in July-August this year, has been addressed after recommendations from international experts.

Water Authority of Fiji spokesperson Peni Shute said the issue was resolved after the implementation of measures suggested by a team of experts from New Caledonia.

“Just by using simple methods like improving aeration, where we pumped oxygen into the dam with machines, we managed to remove the algae bloom,” he said.

“The sand media filters at the Nagado Water Treatment Plant also had to be reworked a bit and our teams continued to scrape out the algae as and when required. We managed to bring the algae issue under control. The successful outcome was done in consultation with the team from New Caledonia and based on their recommendations for us.”

Mr Shute said WAF was now better prepared for any future issues.

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