Albinism is so beautiful: Tawake

Update: 5:29PM BENEATH the beauty of albinism, lies isolation and discriminations, says Fiji Albinism project officer Sainimili Tawake.

Ms Tawake
said people with albinism have nothing to be ashamed about as they were
beautiful and unique.

is so beautiful,” Ms Tawake said.

She said
albinism was often ignored and labelled by the society.

are labelled. We referred to as ‘Kaivalagi ni Viti or ‘rea’ – a very derogatory
comment and we tend to be ignored a lot, and many times people are ashamed of

“Is it
that we lack the colour?

“But I
guess we are all human beings and for everyone, it is important that we treat
people with albinism well and include them in our society and provide them with
a lot of courage.

Ms Tawake
added that people needed to educate themselves on albinism because there were
myths about them.

of the myths says it’s from generational, but for a person with albinism the
gene of our parents, one gene of a woman cannot manifest itself to albinism, it
is actually the gene of a father and a mother to have a child. They may have
dark skin or brown in colour but they maybe carriers of the gene,” she

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