Akbar offers help abroad

HEALTH Minister Rosy Akbar has advised Fijians who need overseas treatment to come forward to the ministry for assistance.

Ms Akbar said the ministry had connections with overseas health providers that offered treatments which were not available locally.

“We do understand that sometimes out of despair, families try to rush, but I like to advise those families needing assistance to come and see us.

“We’re advising those needing our assistance that we actually organise everything,” Ms Akbar said.

She said a total of $1.3 million was allocated for overseas treatment as part of the ministry’s budget.

However, Ms Akbar stressed there were criterias that needed to be met.

“We have assisted many patients who have opted to travel, especially to India to have kidney transplants.”

She said there was a list of overseas hospitals the ministry sent patients to.

“We organise the hospitals and accommodation because we have links with hospitals abroad. People just need to come and fill in the necessary or required forms and documents and we will make payments directly to the hospital,”

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