Akbar: Normal for a suspended teacher to receive full pay

Suspended school teacher Kishore Kumar. Picture: FACEBOOK

Fiji’s Minister for Education Rosy Akbar said it was normal for a teacher to receive their full pay if they had been suspended pending an investigation.

Ms Akbar confirmed this today after she was asked why a high school teacher who had been suspended was receiving his full pay pending investigation.

school teacher Kishore Kumar had allegedly made personal attacks against National Federation Party MP Lenora Qereqeretabua in social media posts on his Facebook page, and allegedly made public comments in a bid to humiliate Ms Qereqeretabua with references to pornography and immorality and had referred to her as a “porn star”.

“That is a normal process when an officer is under investigation, they are suspended with full pay and we wait for the outcome of the investigation and then we decide,” Ms Akbar said.

More details in tomorrow’s edition of The Fiji Times.

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