Akbar hits back at MP

HEALTH Minister Rosy Akbar was caught in a heated debate with Opposition member of Parliament Niko Nawaikula during yesterday’s Parliament sitting.

Mr Nawaikula claimed that a 21-year-old recently died in Nausori from dengue as a result of “carelessness” by the doctors.

“People are dying,” he claimed.

“Doctors can not diagnose. Bad attitude. What internal programs do you have to ensure doctors know what they are doing?” he questioned the minister.

Responding to the claim, Ms Akbar said it was absurd for someone to stand up and say that a person died of dengue.

“It’s important to understand the complications of these cases,” Ms Akbar said.

“We’ve always said present yourself early for detection. Early detection can save lives.

“It is not right, it is not justified to push the blame on people.”

She said it was unfortunate that people have died because they have reached the hospital late.

“It’s really absurd and sad. I’m sure doctors are listening. They work hard trying to save lives.

“It’s not a blame game.”

Ms Akbar said it was not an issue about public health, but about people’s attitude towards their health.

Ms Akbar added people should be responsible for their health and not blame others.

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