Akbar calls for end to complacency during natural disasters

Health Minister Rosy Akbar with (l-r) Kosi Latu Christelle Pratt and Dr Anthony Capon. Picture: SUPPLIED

HEALTH Minister Rosy Akbar opened the Oceania Planetary Health Forum in Nadi today by calling for an end to complacency in the context of natural disasters and the impact of climate change on health and wellbeing.

“You don’t need to understand rocket science to know that impact on the health of the planet affects the health of humans and human impact on mother earth is affecting our health,” Minister Akbar said.

“Climate change, biodiversity loss and deforestation have an influence on how, when and where infectious diseases emerge.

“Climate change, droughts, and extreme storms make it harder to grow food, while there is a nutrition imbalance making people more susceptible to malnutrition and disease.

“Air pollution can lead to cardiorespiratory illnesses and other diseases.”

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