Airspace navigation charges

AIRPORTS Fiji Ltd has applied for an increase in upper airspace navigation charges.

In response to queries from this newspaper, AFL said the increases were only for aircraft travelling in airspace that falls under Fiji’s jurisdiction.

This includes airlines on international routes that travel through Fiji’s airspace without landing at Nadi International Airport.

“This charge only applies to international flights navigating in the Nadi flight information region over 6 million square kilometres,” said communications and public relations officer Christopher Chand.

“It does not apply to any other aeronautical charges such as landing fees, terminal navigation fees, security fee, incinerator fee and parking fees.”

Mr Chand said the application was made to the Fiji Commerce Commission as was the procedure.

“All aeronautical charges are regulated by the Fiji Commerce Commission.

“The Commerce Commission will carry out stakeholder consultations as per our laws before deciding upon our application.

“As the submissions are before the Commerce Commission that has not decided upon it, it will be premature for AFL to comment any further.”

Association of South Pacific Airlines general secretary George Faktaufon raised concerns about the proposed fee increase, saying there was a need for full disclosure by AFL along with detailed justification for the need to increase the fees.

“I am surprised that the Fiji Commerce Commission would accept an application by AFL for increase of aeronautical charges without details and justifications for the increase,” he said.

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