Air NZ’s price rise for excess luggage a little too excessive for some Niuean travellers

Photo/ Fly Dubai.

AUCKLAND, 15 AUGUST 2018 (PACIFIC RADIO NEWS) – A recent price hike in excess baggage on Air New Zealand flights has disappointed some Niueans.

Air New Zealand, the only carrier to fly in and out of the Rock, increased the cost to purchase additional bags at the check-in counter by $50 (US$32), across its network.

The first additional piece on a short-haul flight to and from some Pacific Islands costs $170 (US$111). A second piece costs $250 (US$164) and a third or subsequent additional pieces cost $300 (US$197).

Pre-paid baggage options are not available on Niuean flights and travellers can only get the two pieces option on a Works Deluxe Fare.

A Niuean resident in New Zealand, Jenna Jacobsen Toeono, says options are limited for Niueans and they’ll complain, but still pay the extra fees.

“With most airlines, if you prepay your baggage within your ticket, you can save your costs on paying it at the airport but we can’t even do that, we’re not even provided with that opportunity in the first place,” she says.

“I guess that’s the power that they [Air New Zealand] have because they’re the monopoly and they can call the shots and us as consumers don’t have an option.”

Another Niuean resident who wishes to remain anonymous says Niueans have been “robbed”.

“They [Air New Zealand] know that no matter what, our people will not stop travelling with excess kilos whether coming or going home.”

“Politicians in Niue should do something to help their constituents who voted them into Parliament in Niue.”

Air New Zealand says the price increase is a result of increased operating costs.

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