Agriculture ministry calls on potential pet owners

Stray dogs control campaign saw a total of 682 stray dogs captured during the eight weeks of campaign in 2019. Picture: FILE

THE Ministry of Agriculture is calling on interested and willing members of the public to adopt and provide homes for dogs caught during the current Stray Dog Control campaign.

As part of its attempts to address the number of stray dogs on our streets, the Ministry of Agriculture and stakeholders are welcoming members of the public who are willing to pay the required license fee and can become responsible pet owners.

Animals that will be released to potential pet owners will have already been neutered (de-sexed) and assessed to be of good temperaments and are suitable for the adoption and or rehoming option.

Members of the public who can provide basic animal welfare and care for these dogs are strongly encouraged to show their support towards this national initiative by adopting and providing suitable homes for these animals.

Though circumstances which led to the current eight-week intensive stray dog control campaign is unfortunate, stakeholders believe that by providing a stable loving environment conducive to healthy people-pet relationships, the issue of stray dogs can and will be addressed.

Should you wish to adopt a released stray dog, please visit any Agriculture office in major towns and municipalities to register your interest.

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