Agreement starts modernisation of Fiji mapping system

Geodetic tringulation of Viti levu in 1986. Picture: FIJIAN GOVERNMENT

A MEMORANDUM of Understanding signed today by the Ministry of Lands and the Pacific Community will contribute to the Ministry of Land’s project of modernizing the ministries geodetic datum.While acknowledging the contribution, Project Manager Paserio Samisoni said the project is in progress, construction of the infrastructure and also the equipment are in place for the ministry to mount but South Pacific Community coming on board to contribute on one station is a big bonus for the government of Fiji.

“SPC staff who will be working very closely with the ministry regarding to this datum change project,” Samisoni said.

Director Geoscience Energy of Pacific Community Dr. Andrew Jones said “The ministry itself are the leaders in terms of putting this reference network together, the geodetic reference frame, so we the SPC are just assisting in that regard so we just contributed one station within that network but we are just here to help.”

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia defines geodetic datum or geodetic system as “a coordinate system, and a set of reference points, used to locate places on the Earth (or similar objects).”

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