Agonising wait

THE wait for the final result that will state which political party has won is agonising and so are the rumours associated with the election said members of the public.

Taxidriver Nitin Kumar, 38, said while he couldn’t wait to know who the winner was, the longer the count was taking, the more distorted information was coming through.

“Too many rumours. We know that counting is going on but then we hear that ballot boxes have been rigged. Someone said yesterday there would be a curfew,” said Mr Kumar.

“The faster it is over the better it is. At least these rumours would stop.”

Netani Cerenalagi, 45, believes the count is very important.

“I think the count and the electoral process is fair. So many observers can’t be wrong. But I hope that the count is over and a government is in place as fast as possible so we can once again start living our lives in a democracy.”