Ageing population

Members of the Golden Age Home in Samabula, Suva during the celebration of the Golden Age Home open day on Friday. Picture: ATU RASEA

WITH an increase in the number of persons over the age of 60 around the globe, there is also an increase in the lack of adequate protection mechanisms for elderly persons.

This was highlighted by the regional representative from the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Dr Chitralekha Massey, during the open day for the Golden Age Home in Samabula, Suva on Friday.

Dr Massey said two-third of the world’s older persons lived in low and middle income countries, this proportion would rise to 80 per cent by 2050.

The home has begun awareness programs around schools in Suva to teach students on the importance of elderly care, says Elena Cagibula who has worked in the home for mare than a year.

She said students needed to be educated on the importance of caring for their parents when they grew old.

“It is something that we are focusing on, we are focusing on them and the importance of the elderly being part and partial of everyone’s upbringing,” Ms Caginabula said.

She said the home currently housed 58 senior citizens.

“There are 26 males and 32 females that currently live in the home,” she added.

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