Affordable and presentable

IF you’re looking for the perfect church attire for Palm Sunday, visit the MHCC fashion department because they have something fitting for you. Discover the latest clothing trend, dresses, shirts, shoes and many more from MHCC. There’s clothes for all occasions, affordable and presentable. Upgrade your wardrobe not only to impress but to keep up with the fashion trend.

For ladies, the MHCC fashion department has the perfect suit for you so add on your favourite shoes with jewellery and make-up to brighten your day.

Some attire sold in store include:

* white shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve for mens and boys);

* white tops for girls, formal skirts;

* mens and boys sulu, formal pant;

* girls accessories – earrings, bangles;

* boys and girls shoes; and

* bula shirts.

The staff members at MHCC at Level 2 are always available on the floor to assist you with your selection!

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