Adviser: Ratification a positive step forward

THE ratification of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) by a large number of countries in the region, including Fiji, has been hailed as a positive step towards fighting corruption.

However, sustainable and effective anti-corruption reforms need to be implemented as well, says UN Peace and Development adviser Sonja Bachmann.

“The question is no longer why we should be fighting corruption, but rather how,” Ms Bachmann said. “The general consensus is — and as also illustrated in the number of countries that have ratified — that the platform to be used is the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). There are 176 countries on board, as this convention is the first and only legally binding, global anti-corruption instrument.”

Ms Bachmann made the remarks during a two-day workshop on anti-corruption for Pacific parliamentarians that began in Nadi yesterday.

Chairman Professor Biman Prasad was accompanied by parliamentarians Balmindar Singh, Sanjit Patel and Aseri Radrodro.

Mr Prasad said it was a good opportunity for PAC members to look at the different institutions fighting corruption and how effective and independent they were.

“We are joining other Pacific colleagues to look at how things are done in their countries,” he said.

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