Advice to take extra precautions

AS the termite swarming season approaches, the Biosecurity Authority of Fiji has encouraged people to take extra precautions in a bid to stop the insect from entering and forming new colonies in their homes.

BAF executive chairman Xavier Riyaz Khan said they were requesting people to close all windows and doors from 6.30pm to 8pm daily.

“Light small fires in a controlled area outside the home so the termites get attracted to it and burn themselves in the fire,” Mr Khan said.

“People should also switch off all the lights outside their homes and use minimal lighting inside.

“Termite swarming is common during this time of the year as it is part of the termite life cycle. During this period termites develop wings and fly away from parent colonies to other areas to start new colonies of their own.”

Mr Khan said they were working in collaboration with other agencies to put in place measures to secure the borders and control movement of termites from one place to another.

Meanwhile, the BAF office in Labasa has so far received 10 complaints of termite infestation in the North.

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