Advice against unhealthy diets

YESTERDAY people all over the world celebrated World Heart Day, highlighting the importance of maintaining healthier hearts, how to improve personal heart health and to remember those who suffer from heart-related ailments.

In light of this, the World Health Organization (WHO) took the opportunity to highlight the importance of reducing salt intake and made a plea to tobacco users to reduce or completely stop their tobacco intake.

“Do not smoke tobacco, if you are a tobacco smoker, give up tobacco. There are options to help you quit. Tobacco smoke damages your health and that of people around you,” said WHO’s Dr Cherian Varghese yesterday.

“Reduce salt intake. Processed foods are usually high in salt. If food labels are present, check for low sodium products (sodium is the part of salt which is bad for health).”

Dr Varghese also said it was important that World Heart Day be a reminder of the importance of refraining from consuming sweetened beverages.

“Avoid sugar sweetened beverages. Too much sugar leads to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Drink water instead of sugar sweetened beverages.

“Avoid transfats as much as possible, look for products with zero transfat. Reduce consumption of oils and fats, especially saturated fats in your diet and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.”

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