Adventuresome young minds

Sad to read in last few weeks’ newspapers that FICAC and the Ministry of Education have agreed that corruption and anti-corruption related material will be incorporated into the education curricular and taught in schools soon.

At a time when children are just blooming and seeing the beauty and goodness of the world, this new aspect of the curricular introduces them to the sinister, dark, evil sides of human nature.

One can be sure that this generation may grow up as persons who are mightily suspicious of anything, distrusting even good intentions and will just be sceptical since they will see all intentions from a blinkered point of view.

Certainly there are better, useful things to teach them – farming, how to save money, reading, writing, family chores, driving, swimming, how to change a puncture, horse riding. This list is endless.

Come on, give our young generation a chance to learn and experience the better, nobler things of the world instead of taking the risk and perhaps corrupting them so early on in life.

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