ADRA, European Union impact lives in Koro

The team from ADRA Fiji with villagers from Koro island. Picture: SUPPLIED

The Vatulele Women’s Club has saved over $5,000 from their solar freezer business with an ultimate aim of starting their own homestay business in the future once they reach their target of $15,000.

The earnings are from the sale of frozen goods in a year including fresh catch from the sea, as part of the circular business model set up under the European Union funded Learning Environmental Adaptation and Development for CSOs in Fiji Project implemented by the Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA) Fiji.

In Naiqaidamu, impact farmer Setareki is now the largest supplier of egg plants in Koro and is a recognized supplier of chillies to renowned local producer Punjas, thanks to the knowledge acquired through Climate Smart Agriculture training under the project.

He works towards value adding his farming business to purchase a 3 tonne truck that will be hired for transportation on the island.

These were some of the impacts heard from the communties as the delegation from ADRA Germany and ADRA Austria continue with their project sites visitation today.

Marcel Wagner, the Country Director of ADRA Austria  and Anna Newman, the Program Coordinator for ADRA Germany, also heard how climate-smart agriculture helps guide actions transforming agri-food systems towards green and climate-resilient practices while at the same time contributes to Koro’s economy.

In terms of Circular business models currently being used, which includes upcycling of waste (plastic & tins), the team also heard from the project beneficieries how they have been regenerating materials and retaining the value of resources that contributes to the re-signification of natural ecosystems and the reduction of waste and pollution.

Yesterday, the team, which included ADRA Fiji management, visited project sites in Tuatua, Naqaidamu, Vatulele and Nacamaki.

The sites visited included Marine Protected Areas and Coastal Rehabilitation & Conservation Sites.

The 3 year development project is partly funded by ADRA Germany and ADRA Austria comes to end this year and is implemented in 14 communties on the island and focuses on many components including Agriculture, Governance, Bio-digesters, Waste Management, Food Security and Circular Business.

It is centered on Climate Change mitigation and adaptation.

  • Losalini Bolatagici is the communication and visibility officer for ADRA Fiji.


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