Adopted children left out

Tha Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs Naipote Katonitabua. Picture ATU RASEA/FILE

ALL adopted children cannot be registered in the Vola ni Kawa Bula (VKB), permanent secretary for Ministry of iTaukei Affairs Naipote Katonitabua said at the Rewa Provincial Council meeting at Burebasaga Village in Rewa yesterday.
Mr Katonitabua’s statement came after a few district reps raised their concerns about adopted children having been registered in the VKB.
Mr Katonitabua said according to the current VKB guidelines, adopted children were not registered.
He said the reason these children were not registered in the VKB was that it would create conflicts.
“Come a time that they are not culturally recognised in the community.
“Basically, one of the reasons adopted children are not registered in the VKB is that it could create some conflicts in the future.”
When asked if a group of people or a clan would agree to register the adopted children in their own clan, Mr Katonitabua said even that wasn’t recognised.
“That is still not being considered. We really don’t know the risk in the future.
“There are some situations which later create some instability among themselves.”
He said VKB only applied to blood related families or family ties which iTaukei Affairs would like to maintain.
“That does not stop them from writing their will to the adopted children, but according to the recognition in terms of land ownership, will keep it that way,” he added.

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