ADF supports APEC security in Port Moresby

Australian Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne. Picture: ABC

CANBERRA, 19 OCTOBER 2018 (AUSTRALIA DEFENCE MAGAZINE) – The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is supporting hosting of APEC 2018 in the Papua New Guinean (PNG) capital Port Moresby.

Australia is understood to be subsidising up to a third of the cost for hosting the event.

The ADF is providing specialised capabilities to enhance local security arrangements already in place in Port Moresby, providing planning and coordination support, maritime security assistance, airspace security and additional niche capabilities.

“This support is at the request of PNG. Our ADF will be working closely with the PNG Defence Force and will have our assets integrated into the PNG Joint Security Task Force,” Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne said.

The ADF has a number of personnel providing planning assistance to the PNG Defence Force with additional forces arriving in the lead up to Leaders Week.

ADF support during Leader’s Week will include around 1,500 ADF personnel, a joint headquarters with the PNG Defence Force, airspace security provided by the RAAF, maritime security support provided by the RAN, and additional niche capabilities to enhance the PNG Defence Force’s Incident Response Group.

“We are committed to supporting our regional partners and promoting a secure and prosperous region,” Minister Pyne said.

“The ADF’s assistance to the PNG Defence Force includes high-end capabilities, integrated planning and training support.”

“The ADF’s contribution to our whole of government package of security support for APEC 2018 is an extension of our deep historical, political, defence and economic ties with PNG,” Minister Pyne added.

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