Addiction pills ‘too expensive’

Drugs and apparatus seized from the raid in Naqere, Savusavu earlier this year. Picture: SUPPLIED/FIJI POLICE

FIJI does not have specific medicines to help prevent the addiction or craving of certain types of drugs as it is expensive to procure from overseas.

This was highlighted by the consultant psychiatrist at the St Giles Hospital, Dr Balram Pandit.

He said because of limited resources, they had to come up with non-pharmacological methods to help treat patients.

Dr Pandit said for the case of opioid (a hard drug), he had used local medicine to treat the patients temporarily.

“Mainly you have to use the non-pharmacological interventions which mean the talk therapy, counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy or psychodynamic psychotherapy,” he said.

“Interventions which will come from the Government’s side is in the form of policies. Meanwhile, Dr Pandit revealed there were no trained clinical physicians at the hospital.

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