Actor Ligairi inspires youths

Daniel Ligairi Badham (third from left) with members of the Fiji Rugby Academy in Suva yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

DANIEL Ligairi Badham has bought to Fiji over 157 kilograms worth of training gear to help develop rugby in Fiji.

Badham is the son of former Special Air Service (SAS) veteran Colonel Ilisoni Ligairi and has been hosting rugby clinics for youths and rugby enthusiasts all over Fiji.

After reconnecting with his father Badham now turned his attention to helping young rugby players.

“It is about inspiring the next generation of Fijians,” Badham said.

Badham conducted a two-hour training session yesterday at Buckhurst Ground in Suva with members of Seremaia Bai’s Fiji Rugby Academy.

“I always wanted to help coach in Fiji because it is important to begin at such an early level,” Badham said.


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