Activities to push Scouts to their limit

Scouts preparing for their activity at Vunimoli Primary School yesterday. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THE 1200 Scouts gathered for the 13th Fiji National Scouts Jamboree at Labasa started their daily activities yesterday which included hiking, swimming and games.

National executive Scouts commissioner Joji Qaranivalu said the activities had been designed to train the Scouts well and turn them into stronger people.

“We have divided them into groups and they will be out for a whole day activity where they will develop their skills whether it’s in sports or hiking,” Mr Qaranivalu said.

“The Scouts will have activities every day and at the end of the week, they will be rewarded. “The purpose of this jamboree is to empower our Scouts and train them so they can face whatever challenges or situations in life.”

The jamboree’s theme, Mr Qaranivalu, said is focused on Peace, Resilience and Sustainability.

“So we work on this theme for this event and train our Scouts to see whether they can persevere through activities of this week-long camp,” he said.

“Whether they can persevere and work in the hot sun of Labasa while doing their activities. “If they do, then we believe these 1200 Scouts will return to their classrooms a stronger and changed person.”

Mr Qaranivalu said the training was aimed at training Scouts to go that extra mile.

“We instill courage in them to overcome difficulties in life and Scouts have been around for more than 100 years so our training has helped in so many ways,” he said.

He also said Government support had been tremendous.

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