Activist keen to rejoin party

YOUTH activist Peter Waqavonovono has announced his interest to rejoin the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) for the 2018 polls.

Mr Waqavonovono, who was the president for the party’s youth wing, left in protest of Sitiveni Rabuka’s selection as the party leader because of his ties to Fiji’s coup culture.

However, the vocal activist has decided to put his differences with Mr Rabuka aside.

“After meeting with Mr Rabuka recently, and speaking openly about my reservations, I conclude that he is not the Rabuka of 1987,” he said.

“He (Mr Rabuka) is also committed to the establishment of a peace, truth and reconciliation commission — where when SODELPA comes into government, we can have the opportunity to hear from him and others, and move on into building a stronger and sustainable democracy for Fiji.

“At his own time, he (Mr Rabuka) will release more information on this.”

He said he had given Mr Rabuka his support.

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