Act locally before going global: Radrodro

Update: 8:18PM OPPOSITION Member of Parliament Salote Radrodro has continue to express concerns with existing problems of improper waste disposal in the country.

She said this remained a big threat to our environment.

Making a mention of the numerous talks about climate change and COP23 in Germany later this year, Ms Radrodro said it would do a lot of good for Fiji that “we first act locally before going globally”.

She said proper waste management was an issue she highlighted in Parliament in her maiden speech, and continued to highlight “but nothing or very little has been done by the honourable minister or ministry responsible”.

“The Local Government Act still has not been reviewed, the Local Government elections still not conducted, areas like Tacirua Heights still waiting for the white goods disposal arrangement and informal communities in Tacirua, Tovata, Laqere, Kalabu, Khalsa Road and many more still do not have proper waste disposal, and until and unless these problems are resolved, our environment still remains under wraps and the honourable minister (Semi) Koroilavesau’s efforts in trying to clean up our shorelines will still be a big problem,” Ms Radrodro said.

She noted the allocation of $2million in 2016 for a Waste Transfer Station in the Central Division but she said nothing had eventuated to date.

“May I remind the honourable minister that the people of Laqere are not opposed to the project or to the idea, they are opposed to the location. Location! Location! Location! Honourable minister, take it somewhere else.”

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