Accounting firm ventures into MSME

A REPUTABLE chartered accounting firm in Fiji has ventured its services, providing an avenue for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) to obtain professional business services and advice.

Aliz Pacific — Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors yesterday launched their MSME division which will cater for the provision of business advisory, accounting and tax related services for MSMEs. In launching the new division, Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya said the new move by Aliz Pacific would contribute positively to uplifting the MSMEs standards of operations and ability to take strong business decisions.

“We are happy to see the private sector involvement in the area of MSMEs. Aliz Pacific has ventured into provision of business advisory, accounting and tax related services for MSMEs,” he said.

“This is in the effort to assist the MSMEs understand the regulatory requirements and ensure compliance at the same time.”

Aliz Pacific managing partner Dr Nur Bano Ali raised the need to get MSMEs into the formal sector, highlighting their important contributing role to the economy.

“It is a widely known and globally accepted fact that MSMEs or SMEs are a significant player in the world economy and Fiji is no exception. However, this sector whilst a great contributor to any country’s national development is not adequately captured or understood by many.

“We intend to partner and collaborate with the various stakeholders and service providers to grow this sector.”

And in recognising the need to grow the MSME sector, Dr Ali said they had developed a service package which would contribute to Government’s efforts.

These services, which will be delivered at a fairly affordable price, are divided into three categories depending on the annual turnovers of a particular MSME.

These will be: micro — annual turnover of up to $50,000; small — annual turnover of up to $500,000 and medium — annual turnover of more than $500,000 and up to $2 million.

The services will include business registration with the Registrar of Companies, registration with FRCA and FNPF, annual accounting and preparation of financial statements and preparation of tax returns for lodgment.

As part of their offer, Aliz Pacific has also introduced a package where these services will be provided free to those businesses that fall into the micro bracket of an annual turnover of up to $50,000.

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