Absentee letter for officers on poll duty

POLICE officers deployed for election duties and who have not voted can get an absentee certificate from the presiding officer and vote at the polling station he is posted at.
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said under Section 50(2) of the electoral legislation, police officers were permitted to do absentee voting and they would be given their certificates to vote.

“They will not be able to do a pre-poll.

“They will be given an absentee certificate for September 17,” he said.

“If a police officer is present at a polling station and has not voted before, the person is entitled to it.

“If they have already done postal, then they will not be entitled to it because the police will give us a list and we will verify that list against the postal voters register.

“To do this, a police officer has to be registered to vote.”

Meanwhile, 17 police officers have been deployed to Taveuni for the elections.

“The officers who left on Friday night are the first batch of 119 officers to be deployed to the Northern Division for election duties.”

Chief Operations Officer Assistant Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu said officers were briefed about their duties for the general election.

ACP Tudravu said another team would be deployed to the North today.

The officers are being deployed to each of the divisions to counter the shortfall in numbers at polling venues.

ACP Tudravu said operations over the election period would cover both the routine police work as well as election duties.

He urged the public to allow the electoral process to run its course and stay away from issues of political intolerance.

There will be 3200 police officers on duty on Wednesday.