Abortion issue

I believe Ms Finau’s fixation on abortion and her need to freely share her perspectives (April 1) regarding IPPF, Fiji Reproductive Health Association (RFHAF) is certainly interesting, yet sadly unrealistic and misleading as well.

Excellent topic of discussion though.

RFHAF supported by IPPF does not offer abortion as part of its services, however, does work alongside the Ministry of Health in providing other quality sexual and reproductive health services.

In Fiji, as is the case in most Pacific Island nations, I believe abortion is carried out at government-run facilities albeit under extremely limited circumstances. So perhaps Ms Finau could lobby government for the Ministry of Health to put a stop to this most often than not life-saving service as well. Imagine the abortion mortality rates if she were to succeed in this regard. I believe amusing too is the fact that young women these days know of herbal concoctions and methods to induce an unsafe abortion.

I wonder where that knowledge came from? Could it have been passed down from generations back?

Agreed, abstinence is the best form of contraception and wonderful for those handful of our young who make this life choice. However, for those that don’t, what of them? Because, whether we like it or not young people are having sex earlier and are sexually active.

This is the reality and if Ms Finau has any practical solutions — not ideologies — I am certain RFHAF, IPPF and the Government would be most interested to hear them.

Perhaps then, we can stem back the overwhelming tide of teen pregnancy, documented abortion-related morbidity and unwanted pregnancies.

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