Abhishek’s racing cars

MEMORIES of watching his father drive their old Toyota G-Touring vehicle comes flooding back when car enthusiast Abhishek Pala shares his early car days on this week’s motoring cover.

Mr Pala a final year information technology student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sydney drives a red Volkswagen Polo 1.4 litre vehicle.

The Volkswagen Polo which is a street legal ride has a naturally aspirated petrol engine that produces 63kw at 5000rpm and 132nm of torque at 3800 through a 7- speed dsg (direct shift-gearbox) transmission to the front wheels.

His other car is a Kia Sorento that features 147kw at 3800rpm with a 6-speed automatic gearbox to the front wheels with a 2.2l diesel engine.

“I have driven my Kia Sorento at the drag race strip at 165km/h, while the Volkswagen Polo went as fast as 125km/h,” he said.

“Both my cars have a max speed of 240km/h but the Kia can reach the maximum speed much easier due to its large engine and power whereas my Volkswagen takes a lot of time to reach maximum speed due to less engine power.”

He said he had bought his Kia Sorento from a showroom back in January 2016 after long research and budgeting process.

“My dad and I were looking for a fast diesel SUV which can be used for family and racing purposes. After buying the Kia we needed another car that we could use daily for short runs and the Polo was a daily fuel saving car with its 7-speed direct gearbox and small engine size,” he said.

“Both cars are stocked with a bit of stickers and cosmetic upgrades. The Kia recently got a custom sticker wrap done for the Fiji Car Club car show. The Volkswagen has been blacked out with plastic dip and tint. If cost was combined for both vehicles it would be approximately $800 just for cosmetic works for the car.

“Modifying a car is a lot of work and it needs a lot of ideas and time to build or work on. If you’re not patient with the work something would go wrong and that would waste a lot of money. It’s best to work with people who know what they’re doing.”

He said his passion for driving all started when he was in Class 6 when he started driving his dad’s G-Touring and Nissan 2.0 V6 Cefiro.

“The power the car has and the simple tyre skid marks that the car made was the reason I loved driving. I later participated in the 2016 drag race season and won the open diesel on my debut run,” he said.

“I’m waiting for another car maybe one that is faster so I can participate in a different category because my dad drives the Sorento at the tracks now.

“I loved driving ever since the first day I held on to a steering wheel and I’ve always wanted to make a fast car that would get people’s attention both with looks and engine power.

“I have stopped modifying the two vehicles and I’m focused on the next two that are coming in. Both the vehicles have a lot of engine modifications and suspension works done.

“Car modification isn’t easy and is expensive to do and the only thing I would say is always have a mechanic who knows what he or she is doing on your vehicle and isn’t wasting time or making you run around a lot.”

He said he did not have a dream car but he would like to have a car that is road legal, fast, looks good and grabs people’s attention.

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