A winning formula

SIXTEEN games and counting.

That’s the number of games the champion rugby union team, Nadroga, have played this season — 11 regular season games in the Skipper Cup competition and then the semi-final and final. They have now put down three teams in the HFC Bank Farebrother challenges.

That is an achievement to note.

Some will say it is because of the players.

Come to think of it, when provincial rugby is discussed in Fiji, Nadroga will have to be mentioned. There is no way around that. That is how good they have been for decades.

It can’t be that the people of Nadroga have special genes for rugby union. It’s got to be something else.

Remember, not all the players who pull on that famous white jumper with the emblem of a rearing horse, was, or is a son of Nadroga.

Men from Lau, Vanua Levu, Ra and Kadavu, among others, have been great servants of Nadroga rugby.

Others will say Nadroga’s success over the years is because of their coaches.

However, all coaches at that level are required to have the same minimum qualification.

So what then? Maybe, it is because of the love they have for the game?

All over Fiji there are people who love rugby with a passion. Maybe equal to or even more than the people of Nadroga. So it’s got to be something else.

It can’t be the player base, other unions have much more players to choose from, yet cannot lay a claim to being as successful as Nadroga.

Whatever it is, they have put together all the ingredients in the correct amounts and fashion and come up with a winning formula.

Rugby, like a host of other sports, is now more than just a game. Depending on the level it is played at, it can be a serious undertaking with lucrative direct and indirect monetary rewards.

The game is not just about brawn.

Most importantly, it requires a lot of discipline.

Teamwork is another huge factor so differences have to be set aside while in the pursuit of the common goal and good.

Communication is another vital aspect so everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what his role is.

Come to think of it, if we all took a leaf out of Nadroga’s book, we’d all be winners time and again.

Now who wouldn’t like that?