A voice for the disabled

THE plight of disabled people should always be considered.

This was a submission made by Jone Nasilasila at the National Development Consultation held in Labasa in the weekend.

Mr Nasilasila, who depends on crutches for mobility told the Government team that as development unfolded in the North, many structures still did not have access for disabled people.

“The shops are even hard to get into so most of us can’t do proper shopping,” he said.

“Most of the supermarkets have steps in front of its doors so this rules out wheelchair users.

“That is why we are asking Government through this consultation to make it a law that when buildings are constructed for public purposes, the owners need to make sure it is also accessible by wheelchair.”

Mr Nasilasila said there was a need to install more pedestrian crossings and traffic lights in Labasa Town.

“For us, the disabled people, crossing the road during a busy time is quite difficult because of our condition,” he said.