A true inspiration

THE president of the South Pacific Physicist Society Professor Anirudh Singh says the late renowned physicist Stephen Hawking should be an inspiration to all.

“Hawking should be a true inspiration to all young aspiring physicists, regardless of their physical abilities or places of origin,” Prof Singh said.

“We can all learn from the example set by the great achievements of a person who was confined by such severe physical conditions,” he said.

Hawking was a renowned British theoretical physicist and author who died in his home in Cambridge on March 14.

Even though Hawking was bound to a wheelchair since the age of 21, he was able to combine fields of navigation, cosmology, quantum theory and thermodynamics to give new insights to the nature of black holes and to be able to answer the question where did the universe come from.

Prof Singh said he was advised by doctors he would only have a few years to live.

“He could only speak with the assistance of a voice synthesiser and computer.

“Doctors told him he only had a few years to live, and advised him that he should concentrate on what he could do only.”

Much of his renowned work was described in plain English in his best selling book A Brief History of Time.

After Hawking discovered his motor-neuron disease, he said it taught him not to pity himself.

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