A trip up the Nausori Highlands

The ancestral pathway more commonly known as the Tualeita. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU

AFTER leaving Matokana Village in the highlands of Navosa we journeyed down to Sigatoka to spend another night before making the early morning trip to Ba.

First we had to pick Matanioro Suludriu at Sigatoka Town then his brother Rusiate Boseiwaqa at Sabeto before the long journey through the Nausori Highlands.

The last time I followed this road through Namulomulo was 12 years ago but it was only as far as Yavuna Village where a cousin Litia was staying with her husband Kaufuti Fifita who was the church minister there.

This trip was further up and further inland; a three hour bumpy ride in order to get to Nasauvakarua Village in the district of Navatusila deep in the highlands of Ba.

After leaving the main Queens highway, we headed up the dusty road of Namulomulo, one of the famous cane belts, before making the long winding trip to enter the Nausori highlands.

The magnificent view captured my attention, from a hilltop at the edge of one of the iconic rocks locals and overseas tourists flocked the area for the majestic view of the all-famous Mamanuca Group of islands.

Indeed a sight to behold. As we enter the Nausori Highlands, I was told we are now following the Tualeita, known as the ancestral pathway.

This was the same route in Fijian mythology said to have been taken by Lutunasobasoba and his children when they left Vuda enroute to Nakauvadra where they were to call home.

On one side of the valley below a pine field slowly engulfs into flames on another side the grassland like an ocean of golden plain rises to meet a lush green forest.

There is something about nature that makes it beautiful, that as we enter the district of Navatusila, even the word beautiful is an understatement to describe scenery and experience.

If you really want to experience this awesome feeling, I suggest get on a four wheel drive and take the road trip up the Nausori Highlands to experience beauty.

It’s the greenery, it’s the scenery, it’s where nature is the best description of beauty.

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